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If you think you need to know  more about gluten-free pastry, our chef Hans Ovando together with the Bee Chef Pastry School team have been working to develop a course, not only on a practical level, but also everything you need on products, legislation, manufacturing, handling and correct labeling, packaging and storage of the product to avoid cross contamination.

In this course you will find along with the extensive recipe book a list of raw materials and their description and, in addition, a complete manual on the correct manufacture of gluten free products.

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July 11th-12th, 2020.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Spanish time)

Lunch break: 13: 00-14: 00h

Course language: English

The course includes:

Live chat during the broadcast.
Advice, questions and consultations with the chef, via email for 1 month after the course.
Course recipe book with recipes and diagrams of the cakes in detail.
Certificate of attendance to the course.
Access to our online platform for 6 months to reproduce the course as many times as you want.

Course content:

Manual for the correct production of gluten free products.

List and study of the main raw materials.

10 recipes and elaborations to complement your menu of cakes and classic pastry elaborations.


  • Fine tatin tart, cut in Japanese mandolin, hazelnut sablée and apple and blue cheese financier, blue cheese whipped ganache.
  • Pistachio tart and  gluten free sponge. Pistachio creme, black cherries and mascarpone.
  • Plum cake with mango and Jamaica pepper, jelly, peanut butter, with papaya (cold confit) and lime.
  • Assortment of chocolate chip cookies and walnuts.
  • Strawberry and rhubarb pie, gluten free crumble of almonds and organic granola and yoghurt and strawberries namelaka.
  • Traditional Parisien gluten free.
  • (Non) traditional 3 cheese tart, almond sablee and blueberry jelly.
  • Carrot cake with mandarin and carrots.
  • Tiramisu (Rock &) Roll almonds and caramelized chocolate with vanilla and mascarpone mounted ganache.

At the end of the first day of the course, Chef Hans Ovando will offer a video conference talk for all course attendees in which each student will be asked to ask questions.

Do you have doubts? Write to us at and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


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