Online pastry course (1st monthly payment)


Aimed at people who want to learn or practice this sweet profession, or who have discovered that their vocation is pastry and want specific, complete and professional training.

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Monthly payment: September 2020
This is not the price for whole course.

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What will you find in this course?

  • 120 hours of video pastry training lessons.
  • Contents and documents to download to complement your classes.
  • A weekly webinar taught online with all students.
  • A practical weekly task in relation to the weekly content.
  • A beweekly teacher-student consultation by videoconference to monitor your learning and answer possible questions.
  • A weekly test / quiz to monitor the evolution of learning and test your knowledge.
  • 5 Complementary subjects to your professional pastry chef training.
  • Food safety.
  • Diet and nutrition.
  • Nature of the ingredients.
  • Marketing and advertising on social networks.
  • Production management and organization.

Final exam

  • Extra access during 6 months to the videos, after course end.
  • Consultations with the chef by email.


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