Travel cakes (Gâteaux de voyage)

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Monographic course focused on the well-known “travel cakes” or “Gâteaux de voyage”, a family of patisseries that should not be forgotten, since they can give us a lot of play and different possibilities.

Cakes that can be kept in perfect condition for a certain time outside the fridge.

Discover the new trends in travel cakes and learn how to do them step by step, with our online methodology.


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Course contents

  • 7h Full HD Video
  • 5 Travel Cakes
  • 17 Recipes
  • Recipes book
  • Course certificate
  • 45 days access to review the course

Recipes of the course

  • Raspberries black forest
    • Chocolate sponge
    • Raspberries and Kirsch syrup
    • Chocolate crémeux
    • Raspberries gelée
    • Vanilla whipped ganache
  • Spiced cake with caramelized pears and speculoos cream
    • Gingerbread cake
    • Caramelized pears in cubes
    • Spiced pears
    • Speculoos praliné
    • Gourmand glaze coating
  • Moss: Banana, vanilla toffee and chocolate
    • Cocoa sablée
    • Soft chocolate sponge
    • Caramelized banana
    • Vanilla toffee
    • Cocoa streusel with nibs
    • Dark chocolate painting
  • Long Matcha cake
    • Matcha tea sponge
    • Passion fruit and apricot syrup
    • Apricot gelée
    • Buttercream with citric flavours
    • Pistachio ganache
    • Apricot agar
  • Hazelnut, gianduja and mango travel cake
    • Gianduja and hazelnut cake
    • Gianduja crémeux
    • Spiced mango in chilli
    • Passion fruit syrup
  • Chocolate decorations


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