Vegan pastry with Toni Rodríguez


When we think of vegan pastry, Toni Rodríguez is our chef of reference.

He has traveled the world sharing all his secrets, techniques and recipes.

Now you can also enjoy their classes!

See more pictures of his class here.

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Date: 12th-13th December 2020.

Language: English VoiceOver.

Estimated time: 10am-18pm (Spain time)

Break: 13h-14h (Spain time)

The course includes:

  • Live chat during broadcast.
  • Recipes book.
  • Certificate of attendance to the course.
  • Access to our online platform for 45 days to reproduce the course as many times as you want.
  • Pauses will be scheduled during the broadcast to answer student questions via chat.
  • Videoconference through Zoom at the end of each day with the chef to resolve any doubts.

Course contents:

  • Entremets:
    • Boom !: Chocolate cookie; soft chocolate and peanut cake; milk chocolate and anise ganache; milk chocolate mousse and coffee; milk chocolate paint.
  • Individual:
    • Mangamo: lime crumble; black sesame cake; creamy lime; mango and lime mousse; black sesame paint.
    • Blueberry and vanilla roll: roll cake with blueberries; creamy vanilla whipping; blueberry gel; neutral shine with vanilla and silver.
    • 60% raspberry: raspberry crunchy; soft chocolate and toasted almond cake; creamy raspberry; 60% chocolate mousse; fresh raspberries and raspberry-inspired decoration.
  • Tartlet:
    • Yuzu and ginger tart: sablé; almond cream; yuzu ganache; ginger mousse; ginger glaze.
    • Decadent tart: hazelnut and chocolate sablé; soft hazelnut cake; creamy hazelnut; milk chocolate montée ganache filled with hazelnut praline.
  • Macaron:
    • Vanilla and olive oil macaron.
  • Cakes:
    • Apricot and pistachio: apricot cake; broken apricot and rum gel; creamy pistachio; pistachio rocks.

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